Horse Trailers

Horse Trailers

2 Models Available – Spirit 25 and Spirit 20

Combining advanced technology with the finest of materials, the Nugent Spirit Horse Trailer is aesthetically impressive, but more importantly, it is built to last, setting it apart from any other horse trailer on the market. With full type approval (ECWVTA) any horse owner will appreciate the exceptional attention to detail. The retractable folding jockey wheel takes the inconveniene out of unhitching. The curved front increases the space inside the trailer with the spare wheel stored neatly on the front axle. The Nugent trailer uses parabolic leaf spring suspension which provides better shock absorption as well as helping to distribute weight evenly over the axles, giving excellent towing characteristics.

A tubular stainless steel roof frame coupled with bespoke aluminium vertical extrusions and the fully galvanised chassis provides exceptional strength and stability. Ventilation is provided by two multidirectional air vents and a roof top ventilator inside the trailer, ensuring maximum air flow. All of which can be opened or closed as required. The extruded aluminium floor planking is covered with a removable cobbled finish rubber matt with excellent wear and grip properties. The removable centre partitions have been developed using composite board, which provides flexibility and durability.

Multiple breast bar positions at two heights, coupled with the safety release system on the outside means that your horses can travel in safety and comfort.

Available with a maximum gross weight of 2700kg the standard design includes plenty of desirable features.

Standard Features

  • Parabolic Leaf Springs
  • Galvanised Steel Chassis
  • Semi Automatic Hitch with Retractable Jockey Wheel
  • Centre Divider Partitions with Multiple Breast Bar Positions
  • Aluminium Floor Assembly
  • Lockable Grooms Door
  • Cobbled Grip Top Rubber Floor Mat
  • Anti-slip Rubber on Front and Rear Ramp
  • Multidirectional Internal Air Vents with Roof Top Ventilator
  • Hinged Rear Vent Doors
  • Galvanised Front Window Guard
  • L.E.D. Interior Light (Switchable)
  • Stainless Steel Hinges and Fasteners
  • High and Low Level Exterior L.E.D. Marker Lights
  • Spare Wheel with Durable Cover
  • Available in Three Standard Colours – Black, Silver or Bordeaux Red

Optional Extras

  • Tack Box (removable) in Plastic or Metal
  • Exterior Side Panels Available in any RAL Colour
  • Galvanised Side Window Guards
  • Additional High Level Brake Light
  • L.E.D. Tail Light Upgrade
  • Full Width Breast Bar
  • Dual Doors / Barn Door for Rear
  • Aluminium Partition Upgrade
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Foal Lock for Grooms Door
  • Head Separation Partition
  • Interior Padding
  • Waterboy – 80 Litre Unit
ModelCodeAxlesTyresGross WeightUnladen WeightInternal LxWxH (mm)Overall LxWxH (mm)
Spirit 25 - Black10905-Black2165/R132700kg1100kg3500x1795x23004710x2278x2830
Spirit 25 - Silver10905-Silver2165/R132700kg1100kg3500x1795x23004710x2278x2830
Spirit 25 - Bordeaux Red10905-Bordeaux Red2165/R132700kg1100kg3500x1795x23004710x2278x2830
Spirit 25 - Customised Colour10905-Spray2165/R132700kg1100kg3500x1795x23004710x2278x2830
Spirit 20 - Black11585-Black2165/R132700kg920kg3285x1655x23004550x2150x2830
Spirit 20 - Silver11585-Silver2165/R132700kg920kg3285x1655x23004550x2150x2830
Spirit 20 - Bordeaux Red11585-Bordeaux Red2165/R132700kg920kg3285x1655x23004550x2150x2830
Spirit 20 - Customised Colour11585-Spray2165/R132700kg920kg3285x1655x23004550x2150x2830

Spirit 25: Max Distance between Breast Bars 2040mm Min Distance between Breast Bars 1500mm Partition Width 900mm
Spirit 20: Max Distance between Breast Bars 1860mm Min Distance between Breast Bars 1490mm Partition Width 830mm

The above specifications are approximate as our trailers are under continuous development, so there may be changes and adjustments.