Quad Trailers

Quad Trailers

The Nugent Quad Trailer Range maintains the high quality that you come to expect from Nugent Trailers. The trailer is particularly suited for All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) / quad bikes and has been designed to cater for a range of agricultural requirements.

They are perfect for towing behind quads where extra capacity is a necessity.

The Quad trailers are lightweight so they can be easily manoeuvred by hand and their compact size allows them to be positioned easily. Optional extras are available that quickly turn the Quad trailer into a very adaptable trailer with multiple uses around the farm.

Small in size but big in capability, the Nugent Quad trailer offers excellent strength to weight ratio with a maximum gross weight of 360kg.

Standard Features

  • Mud Guards
  • Durable ATV Tyres

Optional Extras

  • Aluminium floor
  • Full ramp tail door
  • Full ramp & lamb door
  • Lamb divider
  • Rear prop stands
  • Lock kit
  • Side extensions